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HAL 9000

HAL Comes to the Desktop?
I Wish!
     Ok, so this one was an excuse to do something with the logo noodling I was prone to do watching movies for the last six months. I'm pretty much a die-hard Machead (is there any other kind of MacHead?), but I liked enough of the PC logos to throw them in anyway. Once I did IBM/HAL, it was see the dumb idea through til the bitter end...

     Those of you with enquiring mice may have already discovered that the logos below are linked to larger versions of the artwork, but if not, now you know. I thought some of you might like to have them for the odd screen saver program, as I have absolutely no idea what to do with them otherwise...If you like them, use them, and if you use them on your web site, hows about a plug for mine and then write to tell me about it... From the server logs I notice I get a lot of visitors from DEC, IBM, and others, but none of you ever leave your mark by telling me if you liked it or not...

     If you're brand of computer doesn't appear here, it's cause in the few un-Mac mags and catalogues that wind up in my mailbox didn't have either a logo for your brand, or I was stumped for an idea. I have an HP logo,but it was such a mess, I sacked it, like an SGI one I made. If you clamor, I'll give in and send you the illustrator file and you can muddle from there..I left out Micro$oft cause I figure Citizen Bill would simply either try to take over the company totally or throw everything he had at trying to copy it without admitting where the idea occured to him...

     Lastly for those with a tenuous grasp on reality, no, there isn't really a HAL for the desktop computer. Move out of your parent's basement.

     I hope that all the very, very, very huge companies parodied will take this as a parody and not decide to sue, as I don't have enough nickels in my pocket to make it worth your while. Really.

     No one is mocking your grand and glorious companies. Much...

     To the rest of you, thanks for stopping by.


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