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Project Overview

    The HAL9000 series computer represents a startling breakthrough in computer design. Our first HAL9000 became fully operational on January 12, 1997 at our HAL plant in Urbana, IL , exceeding all expectations for advanced independent operation. It has been designated by the National Council on Astronautics to be installed on board the USS Discovery now under construction which is scheduled to embark on an unprecedented exploration mission of our solar system, planned for early in the next century.

     The HAL9000 unit will assume duties that range over the entire operational aspects of USS Discovery's flight and operations. Functioning literally as a member of the crew, the unit will be capable of independent thinking and problem solving for all contingencies that make space flight such a hazardous undertaking. Ever sentient, HAL9000 will assure that the crew of Discovery will be safe from many of the dangers that have claimed the lives of earlier spacefarers. The ability to constantly update the status of on board ship systems will guarantee worry-free operations and safety for the crew. HAL9000's ability to interact verbally and think independently are the hallmarks of this revolutionary computer system.

     We anticipate this will be one of the most exciting exploration missions ever undertaken.

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